Pakistan’s Steel industry news and business
Thursday February 22nd 2018




Careers & Job Center

Opportunities exist in steel manufacturing in a variety of occupations, but the largest group of workers—47 percent— is employed in production occupations (table 1). Other large groups of workers are installation, maintenance, repair, workers and transportation and material-moving workers.

Although the steel making procedure varies with the type of furnace used, the jobs associated with the various processes are similar. Most jobs in steel mills can be classified into 1 of 3 types: Operators, maintenance and repair workers, and supervisors and managers. In addition, significant numbers of electricians, engineers, inspectors and testers, and material-moving workers are needed to assist in the production process and repair of equipment. Workers generally are assigned to work in a particular sector of the production line, such as the blast furnace or rolling mill areas, and their titles reflect the types of machines they work on.[Read More]