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Thursday February 22nd 2018




COMMENT: Forging Pakistan’s economic future — II —Shahzad Chaudhry

The services sector remains the fastest money-spinner. Slowing it down deliberately as an exception to seek greater emphasis on manufacturing and agriculture is a wrong strategy. The services sector must keep the wheels of the economy churning, while the spin-off must be sensibly reinvested in the other two sectors

The first part of this article,
published on April 5, 2010, had proposed that we may generate some desperately needed revenue for triggering the economy into recovery by shedding some of the white elephants that the government holds onto, chief among which are PIA, PSO, Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan Railways and WAPDA. Pakistan Railways and WAPDA will need to retain only the infrastructure-related responsibilities, while for the other three the government may retain only minority shares to cover its interest in cases of exceptional national need.[Read More]