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Wednesday February 21st 2018




Activist faces brunt of steel magnate’s fury

Till Wednesday morning, Ramesh Agrawal was deluged by congratulatory messages. By noon, he started getting calls of concern. As the calls accelerated in the afternoon, the environmentalist did what comes naturally to him: he filed an RTI application asking for details of the FIR the Jindal group had lodged against him.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited has gone to the police accusing Agrawal of extorting money from the company and issuing threats to its senior management.

The fifty five year old activist is the founder of a group called Jan Chetana that monitors mining and industrial projects in Raigarh. Since March, he wrote a series of letters to the Ministry of Environment and Forests drawing its attention to violations by Jindal Power. He alleged that the company had begun construction on the site of its proposed power plant even before getting environmental clearances. The Ministry sent a team to investigate on May 22. [Read More]